Image de la couverture de Alzheimer's & Dementia

Nixart est fière d'avoir créé l'image de la couverture du numéro de février 2015 de Alzheimer's & Dementia (Volume 11, No 2).

Description sur Alzheimer's & Dementia:

"Exploded" Harmonized Protocol (HarP). Image by Nicolas Robitaille, Ph.D. (Nixart,, showing a 3D model of the whole hippocampus corresponding to the HarP (left side), and of the conceptual units defined to allow an international Delphi panel of experts to decide for the consensual protocol (Segmentation Units, right side). The model was 3D-reconstructed by N. Robitaille during his work at MEDICS Laboratory (Dr. Simon Duchesne), Institut universitaire en sante mentale de Quebec, from manually segmented contours of the left hippocampus of an ADNI dataset’s subject suffering of Alzheimer’s disease. The manual segmentation was performed by Rossana Ganzola during her work at LENITEM - IRCCS S. Giovanni di Dio - Fatebenefratelli (Dr. Giovanni B. Frisoni).